Who We Are

Welcome to Conquest

For more than 22 years, Conquest Crop Protection has specialised in supplying high-quality crop protection products to Australian broad-acre and horticultural market segments. Since our incorporation in 2001, we have developed and commercialised an extensive range of Agricultural and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) approved products that include herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and more.

Our products are subject to rigorous lab and field evaluations. Field evaluation allows testing of formulation properties that determine spray-ability, crop safety and efficacy in Australia’s often challenging environmental conditions. These formulation properties are vital for performance in hard water and low relative humidity, compatibility in tank mixes, dispersion rates, emulsification stability, particle size and surfactant performance.

We only use highly reputable partners for the manufacturing raw materials and the formulation of our products. These partners include six sites in Australia for the majority of supply, plus approved international supply from the UK, Europe, India, Thailand and China. Partners are selected based on technical expertise, adherence to stringent quality control measures and their capacity to contribute to innovation via research and development.


Our teams have extensive experience across the crop protection industry, including supply chain management, distribution, product formulation, quality assurance, agronomy and customer service. Our philosophy is maximising the value and partnership. We fully utilise the expertise of our people and chosen partners to consistently deliver quality products to met the high standards that we’ve set and maintain.

Continuity of Supply

The volatility of supply and demand for crop protection chemicals has never been as dynamic as we have experienced in recent years. Fundamentals such as commercial risk, currency movements, factory shutdowns due to pollution, drum supply, freight disruptions and other production bottlenecks have added significant strain to supply certainty.

Our business model and strategy emphasise pragmatic and durable relationships between our respected sales team and their reseller customers. These trusted relationships allow us to accurately forecast product requirements and react promptly to shifts in supply and demand. We can then invest responsibly in inventory ahead of the market to ensure our customers receive their requirements in a timely manner. 


We believe that certainty of supply is critical to evolving in the current market and linking our supply chain to our customers’ purchasing strategy. Quality relationships and communication are essential components for the success of this objective.

Quality Assurance

At Conquest, we take immense pride in the quality of our product range and the technical expertise and support our teams and partners provide.


Our product specifications are developed for Australia’s unique environmental conditions that typically include parameters such as temperature, humidity, soil moisture, water quality or tank mix-partner/s. Resellers and farmers can be confident that all Conquest Crop Protection products are fully tested against these variables in the field before being commercially released into the market.

Customer Service & Support

At Conquest, we believe that success is not only measured financially. We are motivated to invest in strong long-term business relationships that yield benefits long after the product has been sprayed and the crop has been harvested. Our dedication to providing the very best customer service and technical support to our reseller customers and their farmer clients helps them grow their businesses. 


We understand our product stewardship obligations and offer our support beyond the product purchase. Should a problem occur, we work proactively with our resellers and farmers to manage whatever situation has arisen. If a Conquest representative is unavailable or there is an emergency, we have contracted the IXOM Emergency Response Service (ERS) to be available 24/7 – (1800 033 111).

Research & Development

Agricultural systems and innovation are constantly evolving, with new technologies improving the way we gain the most from our cropping systems. Every year, we invest heavily in developing and trialling our products to ensure that growers have confidence in knowing they are using the best available formulation technologies. This focus has led to us commercialising several progressive industry-first products.

Research and Development ensures that we have an accurate understanding of the changing needs of our customers for future product applications. We are supported by a national network of industry and independent agronomists to assist us in determining the focus and direction of our product development. 

R&D allows us to:

  • Innovate for the Australian market.
  • Test new techniques and use patterns.
  • Develop new products to optimise our product portfolio.
  • Conduct field trials for registration and market development.
  • Carry out technical consultations with customers and industry.
  • Co-operate with reseller customers and farmers for market development