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    New Fighter Label Registration
    Split application between IBS and post sowing pre-emergent (PSPE)
    All early post emergent (EPE)
    Flexible usage pattern allowing growers to "play the season" depending on rainfall
    For improved in-furrow ARG control by using the split applications IBS and PSPE or EPE
    A more cost effective use of prosulfocarb compared to Boxer Gold for very similar ARG control when tank mixed with trifluralin
    A more sustainable ARG control option - when tank mixed with Tricon Flexi 480 and when used as part of an Integrated Weed Management program.
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    Tankmix with Nitro 240 (clethodim) to:
    Boost ARG control, especially when label rates of clethodim are under performing - by 10% to 13% based on Conquest trials*
    Achieve satisfactory ARG control - without exceeding Maximum Residue Limits and risking possible rejection by grain marketers.
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    The Powerful New Insecticide
    Less Odour
    Better Crop Safety
    Less Handling
    AlphaForte is 2.5 times stronger than alpha-cypermethrin 100 EC.
    Extra strength means lower use rates and less drums in store and on farm.
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    Simply superior broadleaf weed control

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