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Conquest Diagnostic Service

If you have a crop protection problem, Conquest will respond with a competitive solution. 

We provide quick and precise diagnostic solutions in-house or through contracted service providers including Synergy Consulting. Simply take a picture of the problem and submit it through our online form. Our team will promptly contact you with a possible prognosis.

Our expert understanding of the physical and chemical properties of crop protection products, along with their in-field agronomic fit, ensures our clients can offer growers the highest standard of diagnostic support anywhere, anytime.


Orica’s Emergency Response Service (ERS) operates 24/7, providing telephone advice and assistance to the public, emergency services and others on incidents relating to the transport, storage and use of chemical products and raw materials in emergency situations.

Call 1800 033 111 (within Australia)

Meet the Team
Roy Morgan
Managing Director
Meet the Team
Fred Lyon
National Sales Manager
Meet the Team
Greg Odgers
Financial Controller
Meet the Team
Dean Scrooby
National Supply Chain Manager
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Michelle Jewell
Assistant Accountant
Meet the Team
Minda Dou
Company Accountant
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